How Do Alcohol and Cannabis Affect Sleep Apnea?

Posted by Dr. Michael Breus - September 17, 2020

Very differently. Here’s how you can use both and protect your breathing and sleep. Alcohol and cannabis are our most popular recreational substances, and both have long histories with sleep. For centuries, people have sought relief for sleep problems from the intoxicating, sedating effects of alcohol and the relaxing, sedating effects of cannabis. A diagnosis… Read More

3 Foods to Avoid for a Good Night’s Sleep

Posted by Jessica Penner - September 14, 2020

Waking up rested can have a big impact on your day’s performance. Maximize your odds for a good night’s sleep by avoiding these three foods that can keep you awake! Hidden sources of caffeine Most people are aware that caffeine can keep them up at night, and will avoid coffee in the evening. But there… Read More

How CPAP Changed My Life: An Introduction

Posted by David L. Hebert - September 13, 2020

The first in a four-part series following one of our patients getting diagnosed with OSA and how Medigas Manitoba’s treatment helped change his life. I have been a practicing lawyer for 17 years. Throughout my life, since childhood, I have had problems sleeping. I suffered from chronic insomnia, and when I finally would fall asleep,… Read More

5 Things You Need To Know Before Embarking On A Weight Loss Plan

Posted by Jessica Penner - September 13, 2020

As you wake up in the morning, you feel the familiar fatigue that plagues you every morning. You look at your CPAP machine and wonder, “is this thing even working?!” Wait! Before you lose hope and quit CPAP treatment, did you know that even mild weight loss could drastically improve the effectiveness of your treatment?… Read More

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