Vitamin D and its Important Role In Sleep!

Posted by Jessica Penner - February 23, 2022

Vitamin D? This vitamin is so important for your sleep, we should really call it Vitamin Z… zzzz! While scientists are still figuring out exactly how Vitamin D affects sleep, there are three factors that point to its importance: It’s believed to be involved in managing the body’s daily sleep-awake cycle It may reduce levels… Read More

What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting If You Have Sleep Apnea

Posted by Jessica Penner - January 25, 2022

You may not think of yourself as a regular faster, but every time you get a full night’s sleep, unless you’re waking up to have a snack, you are fasting a whole eight hours or so. When you enjoy your morning meal, you are breaking your nightly fast! Intermittent fasting is when a person undergoes… Read More

Here’s a Quick Way to Curb Your Evening Snacking

Posted by Jessica Penner - January 19, 2022

Here’s some OKAY sleep advice… For a good night’s sleep, allow your digestive system a break from food for the last few hours before you hit the sack. It’s only OKAY advice, because “stop snacking in the evening” isn’t a simple, easy thing to do! GREAT advice includes some practical tips and a plan to… Read More

Could a Vegan Diet Help You Sleep Better?

Posted by Jessica Penner - January 7, 2022

Veganism has been around since 500BCE so it’s certainly not a new idea, but recently it has been picking up steam. A 2018 survey by Dalhousie University estimates about 1% of Canadians are now eating vegan! What is the vegan diet? 100% plant-based, this diet is filled with grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables…. Read More

Dietitian Shares 5 Ways to Manage Heartburn for a Better Night’s Sleep

Posted by Jessica Penner - December 29, 2021

If you’ve been suffering from heartburn you know that it can be a real pain in the… Chest! That’s what you thought I was going to say, right? It gets worse than that. Unfortunately, if you’re already predisposed to sleeping difficulties, heartburn can be another barrier between you and a good night’s sleep. Thankfully there… Read More

So you had a crap sleep, now what?

Posted by Paul Landini - November 23, 2021

It could be that you’re a parent struggling to adjust to your newborn’s nocturnal habits. Or maybe you work a rotating shift that throws your sleep cycles into disarray every other week. Or maybe, like an awful lot of people these days, the stress of living in the shadow of COVID-19 keeps you awake at… Read More

Why you should consider the Mediterranean Diet if you have sleep apnea

Posted by Jessica Penner - November 9, 2021

The Mediterranean Diet is the superhero of diets. It consistently comes out on top in expert rankings… for good reason! There’s a ton of science showing that it reduces the risk of chronic disease, increases the quality of life, and increases longevity as well. It gives all these benefits while being one of the easiest… Read More

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Keto

Posted by Jessica Penner - October 13, 2021

The keto diet has taken our world by storm over the past five years. From keto bars to crackers to jam, you’re likely seeing a slew of new keto products throughout the grocery store! But is the keto diet safe, and could it help improve sleep for people with obstructive sleep apnea? What is the… Read More

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Diet Plan for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Posted by Jessica Penner - July 15, 2021

The details lie below, but [SPOILER ALERT]… no diet plan will cure OSA! Food equals life. It sustains us. It connects us. It even entertains us! Food is at the foundation of our everyday lives. When recommending a diet plan, dietitians like myself will carefully consider how it will impact the foundation of your daily… Read More

Food to Fuel Your Workout

Posted by Jessica Penner - November 15, 2020

Do you need to strategically plan your food to improve your work out? That depends. Are you going for a leisurely walk around the block, or doing something more strenuous such as spending a couple of hours on the tennis court? As a rule of thumb, unless you’re elevating your heart rate for more than… Read More

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