December 9, 2021

CPAP 101: Filters

Posted by Remologie Staff

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Your CPAP filter wants you to breathe clean, fresh air while you sleep. Seriously, they do. Although filters don’t get the attention they deserve, they’re not complaining. All they want to do is ensure you get a good night’s sleep by clearing the air you breathe before it reaches your airway and ultimately, your lungs.

What else do CPAP filters want you to know about their benefits?

They Clear the Air

The air in most bedrooms is loaded with dust, pet dander, pollen, mould spores and other particulates. CPAP filters remove particulates that can interfere with your breathing while you sleep. Filters may also help reduce allergy symptoms and recurring respiratory infections.

They Maintain the Quality of Your CPAP Machine

CPAP filters also protect the integrity of CPAPs. The best CPAP filters are made of special materials that prevent machines from becoming dirty and damaged by particulates and bacteria.

They’re Easy to Replace

Don’t put off replacing old filters because you think it will take you all day to figure how to do it out. It won’t! In most CPAP machines, you will find the filter located at the back of the device where the air is drawn. Just pull it out and replace it with a new one. That’s all there is to it.

If you have a CPAP machine that accommodates both disposable and non-disposable filters, the disposable filter usually goes in first. Then, you simply place the non-disposable filter over the disposable filter. This arrangement allows the non-disposable foam filters to trap large particulates first, leaving disposable filters to catch and remove finer particulates.

How Often Should You Replace CPAP Filters?

Replacement Times for Disposable CPAP Filters

Made of electrostatically charged paper material, disposable CPAP filters attract allergens, bacteria and other particulates that are as tiny as one micron (0.001mm) in size. Disposable filters should be replaced whenever you notice visible residue on the material, however, each manufacture has a recommended replacement window.

Replacement Times for Non-disposable CPAP Filters

Designed for dual-filtration CPAP systems, non-disposable (reusable) filters work great for removing larger particulates from room air, like pollen and pet hair. Non-disposable CPAP filters look like small pieces of foam that can be washed with soap and water and reused for up to six months. However, to continue reusing a non-disposable CPAP filter, you must wash them thoroughly every few days to eliminate particulates embedded in the foam material. Please see the table below to see the manufacture recommended replacement times.


DreamStation Filter TypeReplacement Schedule
Dark Blue Reusable Filters Rinse weekly and change every 6 months.
Light Blue Ultra Fine FiltersChange monthly.
A30, M-Series, SleepEasy, and System One Filter TypeReplacement Schedule
Grey Foam FilterRinse under running water and ensure the filter is dry before putting it back in the machine.
White FilterChange the filter once a month and make sure the printing on the filter faces out. 


Filter TypeReplacement Schedule
Air10 and S9 FiltersDiscard and replace every 6 months.
S6 to S8 FiltersDiscard and replace every 3 months.

Fisher & Paykel

Filter TypeReplacement Schedule
Includes All Fisher & Paykel Filter TypesDiscard and replace every three months. Do not wash. Make sure the filters black line faces in. 

What Does Research Say About the Effectiveness of CPAP Filters?

The International Journal of the Science and Practice of Sleep Medicine published the results of a study involving the efficacy of disposable and non-disposable CPAP masks. The authors of the study concluded that the combined use of both filters removed “nearly all aerosol (particulate) inhalation” and provided excellent filtration of aerosol particulates. They also reiterate the importance of changing disposable filters frequently and washing foam filters with soap and water regularly.

Remologie is here to help you with finding the right CPAP filters designed to fit your particular machine. For questions or concerns about disposable and non-disposable CPAP filters, please call Remologie today at 204.786.2727.

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