November 18, 2021

CPAP 101: Choosing the Right Tubing for You

Posted by Remologie Staff

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Finding the right tubing for your CPAP machine is important, as it will help deliver the steady stream of air that you need to combat sleep apnea. Here, we’ll cover the various tubing options available to you. Once you understand the characteristics of each, you’ll be in a better position to choose the best CPAP hose for you.

CPAP Tubing Length

The standing CPAP tubing length is six feet. However, it’s possible to find both longer and shorter CPAP tubing options. The length of the tube measures from where the hose attaches to the CPAP machine all the way to the attachment at your mask. So, what’s the ideal length for you?

To choose the right CPAP hose in terms of length, you should measure the distance from where your machine is placed (i.e. on a nightstand) to where you sleep in your bed. If you need to keep your machine at a greater distance, you might opt for a 10-ft CPAP hose. Keep in mind, however, that a longer tube means that air has to travel a longer distance to reach you. During its trek from the machine to your mask, the air can lose moisture. This could lead to some irritation if dry air bothers you.

CPAP Tubing Diameter

The diameter of your CPAP tubing measures the inside width of the hose. While the interior of some hoses can be ribbed, others may feature a smooth surface. Standard CPAP hoses usually feature a diameter of 19mm. However, you can find slimmer tubing if you prefer.

Not sure which to choose? If you have an older CPAP machine, standard tubing is usually preferable as the machines were designed for tubing with a standard diameter. You may need to adjust the machine’s settings if you switch to a thinner CPAP hose. If you have a newer machine, it may automatically adjust in relation to the tubing you select.

CPAP Tubing Connectors

CPAP tubing will come with a 22mm connection cuff that is designed to attach to all CPAP masks. The connectors fit standard tubing. If you opt for thinner tubing, you will need to use an adapter so that you can connect your hose to your mask. Over time, parts like these can experience wear and tear. Fortunately, you can easily replace them, but be sure to select the connectors/adapters designed to fit your mask and machine.

Be sure to keep in mind that most non-heated hoses will fit every CPAP machine; heated hoses, however, are specific to each machine.

Tubing Options by Machine

Respironics DreamStationStandard, DreamStationHeated Tubing, SlimLine, Pure White Thin, Pure White Performance
ResMed Air Sense 10Standard, Pure White Thin, Pure White Performance, SlimLine, ClimateLineAir
ResMed S9 with H5i Climate ControlStandard, ClimateLineAir, ClimateLineMax, Pure White Performance, SlimLine
Fisher and Paykel IconStandard, ThermoSmart Heated Hose for Icon series machines

To ensure that your CPAP is treating your sleep apnea, it’s vital to maintain your machine. That means replacing CPAP tubing every six months. To ensure that you have the supplies you need, consider a Remologie Sleep Club subscription. You won’t have to worry about running out of supplies. We’ll send supplies like tubing and filters right to your door, right when you need them. Click here to learn more about our convenient and affordable subscription service.

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