June 18, 2021

Subscribing to the Remologie Sleep Club

Posted by David L. Hebert

Putting Therapy in Perspective

On a rational level, I know that Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be debilitating, because I’ve experienced it. And while I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement with a wide number of symptoms since I began CPAP therapy three years ago, I realize now that I have not been taking my therapy as seriously as I should have been.

In my teenage years, I had a master mechanic for an uncle who was an expert at fixing and maintaining small engines; he saw to it that I knew how to fix any problems I might come across while riding dirt-bikes, three-wheelers, and snowmobiles. He made sure that I would never be stuck on a snowy trail with a busted machine without knowing how to get it going again.

My uncle also made sure that safety was a priority. A helmet was an absolute necessity before even going near any of these machines. As a teenager with very limited funds, I would have enough trouble saving up for gas and oil, let alone paying several hundred dollars for a helmet. Somewhat rhetorically, I asked him one day, “Why do helmets have to be so expensive?”

My uncle answered with an equally rhetorical question. “Well, what’s your head worth?”

The new Sleep Club subscription service recently launched by Remologie is an innovative program that made me re-examine and re-evaluate my approach to therapy. The Sleep Club subscription service is based on the CPAP device manufacturer’s recommended schedule for the replacement of hoses, masks, and accessories, and the program delivers the new parts and equipment you will need each and every quarter for the whole year. The fine people at Remologie have also created what is in essence a deferred payment plan, so that the cost of the year’s equipment is divided into equal monthly instalments, making it easier for people to budget and plan their year ahead.

Avoiding Pitfalls with the Delivery of Scheduled Supplies

When I first got my CPAP machine, I did see that there were manufacturer recommended guidelines to replace hoses, humidification chambers, and mask parts according to a regular schedule, ranging from six months to a year, depending on the piece. But I thought that if I took good care of my equipment, I could make it last longer.

Just as I used to balk at the cost of a helmet, I was balking at the cost of maintaining the very machine that makes sure that oxygen makes its way to my brain every night, and very well may now be prolonging my life.

So, in my misguided attempt at preserving my equipment, I religiously used only distilled water in my humidification chamber. Six months later, it looked as good as new. I never did replace it until I signed up for the Remologie Sleep Club subscription, because I thought it still looked fine. I also took care of my mask and hose, cleaning them both regularly, so my hose was in great shape and my mask was holding together nicely. I did have to replace the mask’s fabric headgear because of stretching, but I still took care to treat my mask as best I could in the hope of making it last as long as possible.

I thought I was being frugal. What I was really doing was undermining my therapy. I didn’t realize at the time that all of these pieces of CPAP equipment are actually integral parts of a finely-tuned medical device that is designed to keep me breathing during the night. If pieces wear out, the performance of the machine can be sacrificed.

That humidification chamber that I thought I was keeping so pristine is actually a part of the air flow system that sends the pressurized air down the hose to the mask and into the lungs. The seal on the humidification unit can wear out or become loose or pitted, which can cause small leaks that can not only affect machine performance but also the quality of therapy. Air leaks can also occur through micro holes in the hose, or through loose rubber connectors that lose elasticity, stretch, and become loose over time. Fabric headgear that gets worn every night will most certainly stretch and loosen eventually, requiring frequent adjustment and tightening before replacement becomes unavoidable.

Making the Most of Therapy

The Remologie Sleep Club subscription service is just about the polar opposite of my previous haphazard approach to therapy. While I did manage to make that first mask last quite a long time, it eventually wore out and developed a tear. As the tear rendered the mask useless, I had to go a few days without therapy while waiting for the replacement to arrive, and for a few days I suffered a rather frustrating existence since I have come to rely on CPAP therapy in order to have a decent sleep.

Now, with my Remologie Sleep Club subscription, I know that all of the necessary supplies will show up just as I am going to need them. I won’t have to deal with the panic of having a mask blow out because I’ve been using it for months longer than I should have. I won’t have to deal with the frustration of having to go without therapy for days while I await replacement parts. With the Sleep Club subscription from Remologie, I also have access to Respiratory Therapists and advice from other Experts in the Sleep field. And I know that I’ll have uninterrupted therapy – and uninterrupted sleep – while I do.

To paraphrase my uncle’s rhetorical question, then, what is my health worth? At the very least, it’s certainly worth signing up for the Remologie Sleep Club subscription service.

Click here to learn more about the Remologie Sleep Club subscription service or to join the Sleep Club and start receiving your supplies.

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