November 1, 2021

CPAPology AeroMate Moisturizer & Mask Sealer Review

Posted by David L. Hebert

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AeroMate Moisturizer & Mask Sealer is made specifically for CPAP masks. Manufactured by CPAPology, AeroMate is a cream that is specially designed to be applied specifically to silicone mask cushions to enhance the mask seal, prevent air leaks, and reduce skin irritation.

Applying the cream to the mask itself seems almost counterintuitive since the reflex action for a moisturizing cream would usually be to apply it directly to the skin and never even glance at the directions. Here, the instructions specifically tell you to apply it to the mask cushion itself. However, many people find that applying this cream to their skin helps to soothe irritation; for instance, it is often used to reduce irritation around nostrils while using a nasal cannula.

The product is smooth and non-greasy, and it applies very smoothly to the silicone cushion. You don’t need to use much – remember, you’re not caulking a bathtub or applying denture adhesive. A small drop of the cream is enough to coat the silicone cushion for a full face mask, so the amount you’d use for a smaller nasal mask would be even less. Just use your fingertip to spread the cream evenly to thinly coat the surface of the silicone cushion.

Then brace yourself. Putting on a thusly moistened mask for the first time is a unique experience. You may not find it very comfortable, especially if you have become used to strapping a dry mask to your face for any period of time. I was not expecting the experience, and as I had applied a little more cream than was necessary, the first time felt a little bit like I would expect a whipped cream pie to the face might feel. It was only uncomfortable for a brief second, and I probably should have realized that it was going to happen, but I just was not expecting it, so I pass along the knowledge in the hope that you manage to at least avoid the surprise. If you do not apply too much, you may not even experience any discomfort at all.

As for practical results, the product does seem to enhance the mask seal. I had no air leaks with my mask, and I even loosened my straps a little bit to put it to a higher test. I do end up from time to time with air leaks blowing into my eyes, and aside from being uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. On more than one occasion I have woken up with a red-eye and thought I was getting conjunctivitis, but it was merely irritation from the leaking air. Leaks can be even more dangerous, though, and result in abrasions on the surface of the eye itself or even a tear in the cornea.

I found that the AeroMate cream did seem to improve the ability of the silicone to stay snug against the face and prevent any leaks from forming, even when I was turning to my side, which would often cause a small gap to form and result in a leak unless my straps were very snug. The product helped to prevent this from happening.

AeroMate leaves almost no residue, and the cushion seems to clean up fine with a normal daily wipe-down, ready for the next application of fresh AeroMate later that night. It contains Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Argan Oil, and is non-petroleum based. It is worth noting that the product is non-scented, so users who suffer from allergies or sensitivities may find this to be an especially attractive product. Naturally, if you suffer from these kinds of reactions, you should review the ingredient list and discuss any concerns with your family doctor or your dermatologist.

While the cream does help to improve the mask seal, I don’t know that I would use the product regularly, but I do plan on keeping a supply of it handy. I sometimes experience breakouts of rosacea, and this can make wearing the mask uncomfortable. With the cream, I can actually create a pretty good seal with my mask almost too loose, enough so that I ran into problems creating a gap when I would turn my head since the mask was so slack. I will probably use the cream regularly if I experience a breakout.

AeroMate is available in a 90ml (3 oz) tube. Given that such a sparing amount is required, you should not have to purchase replacements too frequently, and the product earns a Z for that. It earns a second Z for being non-scented, a third for being non-greasy, and a fourth for including natural ingredients like Aloe, Shea, and Argan. AeroMate Moisturizer and Mask Sealer gets another Z for delivering on its promise to improve the mask seal, earning it a total of Five out of Five Z’s.

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